When you think of Erie County’s businesses, what comes to mind? Maybe it’s large manufacturers like GE Transportation and Lord Corp. Maybe it’s our health care facilities or colleges, or the shops, restaurants and hotels that serve both residents and visitors alike.

The truth is, all of those – and many more – are essential in our community. We rely on the large corporations like Erie Insurance, just as we do on smaller manufacturers, independent service providers and specialty shops. These companies sign our paychecks, invest in our communities and help put Erie on the map.

My resolution for this coming year is to tell the stories of some of these businesses. Each week for the next 50 weeks, I will visit a different Erie County employer. I invite you to join me on the farm fields and factory floors, in specialty shops and small businesses.

By the time this journey is complete, we will have crisscrossed Erie County and gotten a peek into the varied businesses that drive our economy, shape our community and add vibrancy to Erie County.

Coming up: Read about my visit to Accudyn in Millcreek Township.